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Welcome to john_simm, a community for admirers of John Simm to share news, photos, reviews, artwork, etc. This Live Journal Community carries on the work started in johnsimm. Feel free to discuss his roles on TV, film, or stage, but please keep comments about his work only. We do not encourage posting fanfic as there are other sites out there better designed for fanfic. This is not a slash-friendly site; post those items to another site that is.

Please put wallpapers or large photos behind a cut. Thank you!

John Simm was born in Leeds on 10th July 1970. He grew up in Nelson in Lancashire, attended Blackpool and the Fylde College, and graduated from the Drama Centre in London. He has starred in various TV series and films and most recently appeared in the West End in the play Elling. His most recent TV appearance was as the Master in Series Three of Doctor Who.

You can find more information about his work in television and film on the IMDb.

In addition to acting, John Simm is a musician and was a member of the band Magic Alex. Their CD is available for download from iTunes or eMusic. More information about Magic Alex is available on their MySpace page.

He's married to actress Kate Magowan and they have two children.

This Community has no official connection to John Simm or his management.